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On 7th August 2006 XYZ Motion was founded. XYZ Motion is specialized in industrial automation from design till final implementation in different industries (food, construction and shipbuilding industry).


Key activities are:

• Consultancy

• Project management

• Mechanical engineering

• Electrical engineering

• Software engineering

• Training


Technology used by XYZ Motion:

• Online and offline programming of ABB robots

• S4 and IRC5 controls

• RobotStudio for online programming and preparing offline a robot system/application

• Setting up system parameters of complete robot system

• Pickmaster

• Safemove

• Conveyor tracking (lineair, circulair and with recording and replaying profiles)

• Offline programming with RinasWeld

• Offline programming with Arac4

• Object oriented programming in various languages

• PLC & servo programming of different brands

• Siemens

• Modicon

• Allen Bradley

• Servo programming of different brands

• Control Techniques

• Siemens

• Ormec

• Omron

• Vision programming of different brands


• Cognex

• Omron